My ” Finale “

This summer I didn’t get to play in the advance youth orchestra nor played in the intermediate orchestra but I got to have a higher honor then playing with them. The honor was given the chance to be a student conductor for the concert! From the start of this summer I got to take lessons from a great conductor of the program and got to conduct some movements of the Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens. Today was my last concert in this music program that I’ve been for over 3 years and my final was to conduct both the intermediate and advance orchestras! When I went up stage to conduct ” the Finale, No. 14 ” I was happy for what I’ve done and everything I’ve learned in the music program, The Harmony Project. ♫

P.S. The main conductor, Henry Shin, said ” I hope you had a great time in your debut, and I wish you the best in the future with many more concerts!” 

- Future Conductor, Danny E Rivera

  1. gatitoseyram said: Wow, Danny! Congratulations! That is just great! I can only imagine the things you’ve learned and you will, and those pieces…! Hngh! I wish you the best, you’ve certainly have fought for it! C:!
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